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A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep
Author: BobR    Date: 07/22/2020 13:13:30

One thing that's become apparent over the last 4 years is that regardless of how bad tRump is (and he's been atrociously bad), his cult followers are worse. They "egg on" his bad behavior, and then emulate it themselves. One has to wonder whether they actually have any beliefs or motivations other than "owning the libtards".

It's pretty easy to tell who they are - even before tRump was (s)elected. They were the ones screaming about their "gun rights" constantly warning everyone that would listen that "Obama is gonna take yer guns". After 8 years in office, of course, that never even came close to happening. Still - they claimed that the Constitution that created our government also gave them the right to whatever firepower they deemed necessary to overthrow that same government when it became "tyrannical".

Fast-forward 4 years and we have federal troops in military gear taking over cities. Where are those self-styled 'Murica-lovin' protectors of liberty?

Is it because this is happening in the cities where most of the "libtards" live, and not out in flyover country where Bubba and his sister-wife are blasting tree stumps with their AR-15s?

They also like to claim a Christian superiority. Their "evangelicalism" seems more based in the morals of televangelists, than in the teachings of Christ. President Obama lived the word of the Bible, trying to help those who needed it, married to one woman, who worked to ensure children were healthy and eating good food. Meanwhile, tRump is on his 3rd wife (after cheating on the first two), paid off a porn star with whom he had an affair while wife #3 was pregnant, never goes to church or quotes the Bible, and mocks and bullies anyone who gets in his way. Guess which one the self-styled evangelists hold up as their savior?

Most recently, they've been on an anti-mask crusade in the middle of a deadly pandemic, which has sickened nearly 4 million Americans, and killed nearly 150 thousand of them. Why? Because their idol - tRumpy - said that masks didn't help, and wouldn't wear one himself. Now, though, tRump has said that wearing a mask is "patriotic". Will his supporters suddenly change their stance? Or will they stick to their original conviction, and say tRump was just saying that to shut people up? Hell - will tRump stick to his new position, or will he revert back?

It's impossible to say. His positions change on a whim and a whisper. His supporters follow his lead. For all of them, their moral convictions are a mile wide and an inch deep. Beneath the surface is an empty black void, threatening to pull all in the vicinity down into its inky dark abyss.

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