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It's a criming shame
Author: Raine    Date: 01/13/2022 14:02:49

We know something is fake and it's not the news. It's not a stolen election, either. IT's the actual attempt to steal an election with documents that are fake.

Faked documents forged to look like real ones, that is.
The real certificates, which have been posted to the National Archives website, correctly stated that Biden won the seven battleground states. They also list the legitimate group of electors from each state, rather than the rogue pro-Trump slate included on the unofficial documents.

Some of the fake certificates with pro-Trump electors were sent to the National Archives by top officials representing the Republican Party in each state, according to the documents.

They sent these fake certificates after Trump himself failed to block governors from signing the real certificates. Specifically, Trump encouraged Republican governors in states like Georgia and Arizona not to certify the election results, and falsely claimed the elections were fraudulent. But these GOP officials ignored Trump, followed the law, and awarded the electors to Biden.

Installing slates of "alternate electors" was an integral part of the ill-fated plan conceived by Trump allies to usurp power on January 6 by pressuring Vice President Mike Pence to throw out the pro-Biden electors that had been chosen by voters. The idea was promoted by Trump advisers inside and outside the White House, including controversial right-wing lawyer John Eastman.
George Floyd is dead because someone thought he pass a fake 20 dollar bill -- and yet none of these anti-American shitheads are still walking free.

The damn has to break sooner or later.


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