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Ask A Vet
Author: TriSec    Date: 06/28/2022 00:38:25

Good Morning.

Deviating from our usual format today....I am going to ponder some potential future veterans...of the coming second Civil War.

I'm not a Civil War buff. Never really have been, with the sole exception of the Battle of Gettysurg.

Nevertheless, I've been increasingly reading about the specific battles, and have started delving deeper into the causes that led us down that road.

I have found a You Tube provider that has many detailed maps and stories of the conflict, called the American Battlefield Trust. I watched yesterday a 30-minute video overview of the entire conflict. Simplified and moving incredibly fast perhaps, but the first few minutes of the video were stunning to me.

Take the time to watch it. (embedded below). Coming at about the 2:30 mark is a statement from the narrator that completely floored me.

Legislation intended to make slavery a state-by-state issue leads only to sectarian bloodshed. John Brown's attempt to lead a slave uprising convinces Southerners that their lives are in danger. Slave states begin to militarize.

You only need to substitute "abortion" for "slavery" to see where my mind instantly went with this.

Methinks the Supreme Court decision is that same first step down a road we've travelled before, with horrific results.

Are we really ready to do this again?


4 comments (Latest Comment: 06/28/2022 20:39:02 by Will_in_LA)
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Comment by wickedpam on 06/28/2022 15:08:41

Comment by Will_in_LA on 06/28/2022 15:51:54
Good morning, bloggers!!!!

I hope that it will not become a civil war.

A few days ago, I saw this in the Guardian:
With the end of Roe, the US edges closer and closer to civil war
Stephen Marche

The leftwing American political class, incredibly, continues to cling to its defunct institutional ideals. Democrats under Biden have wasted the past two years on fictions of bipartisanship and forlorn hopes of some kind of restoration of American trust. When violence like Buffalo hits, they can do little more than plead with the other side to reconsider the horror they’re unleashing, and offer obvious lectures about the poison of white supremacy. Since January 6 didn’t wake them up to exactly what they’re facing, it’s unclear what might ever wake them up. The left has not made the psychological adjustment to a conflict situation yet. But it won’t be able to maintain the fantasy of normalcy for much longer.

The conflict, which on the surface seems so unequal, with an emboldened and violent right against a demoralized and disorganized left, is not as one-sided as it looks at first. It is unequal but it is also highly asymmetrical. The right has the weaponry and an electoral system weighted overwhelmingly in its favor. The left has money and tech.

The writer points out that technology and freezing bank accounts ended the protests at the bridge in Windsor, Canada.

Comment by Scoopster on 06/28/2022 17:58:46
Afternoon all...

They all broke their oath of office. Every. single. one.

Comment by Will_in_LA on 06/28/2022 20:39:02
Quote by Scoopster:
Afternoon all...

They all broke their oath of office. Every. single. one.

They should be prosecuted. If they are not prosecuted, thy need to be removed from office.