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It's FREE!
Author: Raine    Date: 05/15/2008 12:21:03

An important announcement... It's FREE ICED COFFEE DAY at Dunkin Donuts!
There is no rush - Dunkin Donuts is giving out Full Size 16oz drinks from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Customers can walk into any participating Dunkin' Donuts restaurant (or can hit any number of stores throughout the day...) throughout the country.

Customers will be encouraged to try try their new iced coffee drinks; Berry Berry Iced Coffee, which combines the seasonal tastes of blueberry and raspberry with Dunkin' Donuts' award-winning coffee, the chain said.

And because I thought it was fitting, the new Dunkin commercial by They might be giants!
I thought it was fitting as well.

Sorry for the unbridled commercialism, but today, when something is free? That is a good thing.
The price of Milk is nearly 4 dollars a gallon these days, same goes for gas. The only end in sight it seems is for a drastic change in our country's economic policy.

Yesterday the US disputed the IMF on Food Prices
The Bush administration on Wednesday was downplaying the role of biofuels production in rising food prices.

The debate involves questions of blame for rapidly inflating prices for staple crops that have led to famine and riots in many parts of the world.

Some economists and food scientists have argued that biofuel production should be scaled back because it is a major factor in rising food costs, particularly corn.
So when you go to the store, and it seems like things are getting harder and harder to afford, please know, it isn't you. It isn't. When chicken jumps 5.5 percent in one year, and bread 14.3% ... that is not YOUR bad budgeting, that is the *ush administration's bad planning. *ush and these idiots couldn't plan their way out of a bag.

McCain wants people to believe he understands the common folks' plight in America? He has 9 houses, and his wife just sold a few million dollars worth of Sudan based investments. The McCains are four more years of *ush... only angrier and meaner and more spiteful.

The Republicans think they can set this country back on track? Another joke, imo. If I didn't LOVE this country so much, I would say fine, you guys broke it, now you own it.

But I love this country, and I love Iced Coffee, and I love They might Be Giants so I will keep reminding people about whose policies broke this country and why we need a change in course to get things back on track!

:peace: and

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