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Lowering the Barr
Author: BobR    Date: 02/12/2020 15:04:00

Late last year, perennial rat-fucker and tRump buddy Roger Stone was convicted on 7 counts, including Obstruction of Congress. The prosecution requested a sentence of 7 years, despite being able to request up to 50. This seemed light to most people, especially considering Stone's long history of subverting the Constitution (and law) for personal and political gain.

Attorney General Bill Barr had other ideas. At tRump's apparent request (a day after he tweeted that the sentence was "a miscarriage of justice"), he stepped in and overruled the attorneys under his purview, and requested a greatly reduced sentence. All four federal prosecuters resigned in protest. Ultimately, it's still up to the judge in the case to decide on the actual penalty.

This isn't the first time the AG has stepped into cases at the behest of tRump, and in most cases to protect tRump's friends and co-conspirators, and punish those who dare to cross him:
The U.S. attorney who had presided over an inconclusive criminal investigation into former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe was abruptly removed from the job last month in one of several recent moves by Attorney General William Barr to take control of legal matters of personal interest to President Donald Trump, according to multiple people familiar with the matter.

A person familiar with the matter confirmed to NBC News that Trump has rescinded the nomination of Jessie Liu, who had been the U.S. attorney for Washington, D.C., for a job as an undersecretary at the Treasury Department.

Liu also supervised the case against Trump associate Roger Stone.


Senior officials at the Justice Department also intervened last month to help change the government's sentencing recommendation for Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. While the prosecutors had once recommended up to six months in jail, their latest filing now says they believe probation would be appropriate.

The ideal of the Attorney General's office is that it is a non-political entity tasked with protecting our nation's laws. The AG himself is supposed to be the nation's top prosecutor, taking on the bad guys regardless of their political affiliation. Barr has so subverted that ideal that - like tRump - one wonders how much lower he can go. It's too far already, and though I know it will never happen, he needs to be forced out. A conviction for obstruction (ala John Mitchell) would be better


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