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Author: TriSec    Date: 03/29/2020 14:48:05

Greetings from the bunker!

We've managed to re-supply; now holding a whopping 16 rolls of toilet paper feels like hitting the jackpot, doesn't it? We ordered soggy, lukewarm cheeseburgers from our local pub last night, and fortunately have a reasonably well-stocked Market Basket within about two miles of the compound.

So, we're all sitting here watching Mama TriSec be the sole breadwinner (I poke around at some minor office tasks from time to time - and trolley managers have all taken a 35% pay cut for the duration).

The first week of the shutdown, I was checking out a movie every night, until I realized just how many of them I had to rent instead of not being included on Netflix or Prime. If you've been following along, you've seen some of my wonky (free) choices in recent days.

I've been cooking up a storm, too. Lots of big-pot items; things I can cook and then eat for days, trying to stretch that budget out a little further. Today's got a big vat of chowder in the offing, and since I always have baking supplies, we'll be making a cake after lunch, too.

But, there is always that 'anchor' that we run to whenever there is trouble. You know for me it's always been a Scout Uniform, but now that's even dead to me since we break the rules for number of people gathering. I was supposed to be away on a training class this weekend (staff), but we pulled the plug about ten days ago, and it's likely delayed for a full year. We've had no meetings, but the troop has done a small outdoor activity, and we're hopeful we can do more despite the shutdown.

There is always books and music. It's long been a habit of mine to listen to Classical on a Sunday morning while reading the paper. Today is no different, but I know Sirius plays opera extracts on Sunday, and I didn't feel like listening to that today.

Instead, I googled "Greatest symphony ever written", and found this website:


I'l admit I was surprised by #1. I'll leave you to formulate your own opinions, but I have started plowing through the top 20.


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