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The Smartest Man in the WORLD
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 01/07/2018 16:32:45

Is Donald J. Trump the smartest man ever? Let's take a look.Obviously the people who many claim are the most brilliant, like Darwin, Einstein, Tesla, Newton and Aristotle are all dead and the only living smart person is Stephen Hawking and no one can understand his gibberish. The others never had a twitter account.

So that leaves us with Donald Trump. Sure, there's a few who are really smart about certain topics, like the black guy who wears the space ties and the guy who owns Microsoft, but their knowledge is limited to their particular expertise (space stuff and computer stuff). Whereas President Trump has to know ALL that stuff and be the top of his game!

Let's remember that he beat the other 17 contestants in the race to become the nominee and then he beat what some called the "most experienced" person to become president.

Now, one way to determine the smart level of a person is to look at their offspring. This is a proven scientific strategy. Da Vinci, Newton, Aristotle et al, never reproduced so we can't look at them. But our President has some of the brightest children ever! Both Don Jr, and Eric were running corporate empires by the time they were 18 and Barron has tested in the top 100 percentile in his class at Columbo Prep School for the Gifted. Ivanka is not only smart but pretty, basically a triple threat. Ivanka has been a successful clothing and shoe designer and CEO of Ivanka Trump Inc, TV Personality and Celebrity, Economic Advisor to Job Creation and Corporate Seminars for the WH and of course she does all this while taking care of her children. She's one-of-a-kind and no woman can do as much as her. Not even Sarah Palin.

Eric is often portrayed on TV "comedy" shows as a real dum-dum. But he is not at all! He is the Executive Vice President of his Dad's organization as well as raises money for children to have cancer. You may have heard that he single-handedly unearthed a Deep State conspiracy at Twitter where staunch conservatives such as himself are being steered to follow progressive liberals with dangerous agendas like Ellen Degeneres and Hillary Clinton.
Scary stuff!

Donald Jr, is so smart that many people think he'll be president after his fathers 4th term. He's also the Executive Vice President of his Dad's organization, a TV Celebrity and an avid hunter of rare and hard to kill animals. It takes brains to travel the world and hunt these things down and then cut off body parts. Believe me.

Back a few months ago, he was able to explain the concept of socialism on twitter in just one tweet! And, that was back when twitter only had 140 characters.


Our President is a genius, as you've heard him say. And as you know, people who make claims about their intelligence, wealth, sexual orientation or penis size are never lying. Never.

I submit he may be a Super Genius.



4 comments (Latest Comment: 01/08/2018 16:46:38 by BobR)
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Comment by TriSec on 01/08/2018 00:06:32
Hey look, I made bananas great again!!

Comment by livingonli on 01/08/2018 04:30:10
It was having one of those not displaying comments thing on a Sunday Night.

Comment by livingonli on 01/08/2018 06:12:08
Remembering the last time someone called himself a super genius.

Comment by BobR on 01/08/2018 16:46:38
The stupid rots in the head