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Fuck you, (yes you) you fucking fuckwad!
Author: Raine    Date: 10/18/2007 11:34:30

I did that for the team morale... I did it so we can all feel better. Yesterday a report was released that saidSwearing at work boosts moral and helps team spirit. From the article:
Regular swearing at work can help boost team spirit among staff, allowing them to express better their feelings as well as develop social relationships, according to a study by researchers.

Yehuda Baruch, a professor of management at the University of East Anglia, and graduate Stuart Jenkins studied the use of profanity in the workplace and assessed its implications for managers.

So in light of that, I just want to say the following:

Bush is muthafucking, shithead, asswad, corrupt, imbecile lying sack of crap, and he is screwing-- royally up the ass-- the country and shitting on the gddamned muthafucking Constitution that I love dearly. Unless we as Americans, and more importantly as fucking progressives, stop letting the dems act like stupid fucking pussies cowering every time this fucking administration tries to get away with more illegal shit, we are gonna lose the fucking beautiful gddamned country. You wanna be one of them anti-american assholes or are you gonna fucking step up the the muthahfucking plate and try to change the stupid shit that they keep trying to shove down our gddamned pieholes?

I am so sick of this nasty stupid rightwing neo-con privatization bullshit. It makes me throw up a little bit in my mouth every stupid fucking day. I am sick of this piece of shit administration!

I am mad as hell, and I am not gonna take it anymore! :D

NOW... get on the motherfucking telephone and tell those pussies in Washington to override bush's fucking stupid piece of shit veto on S-CHIP. Tell the fucking beaurocrats that the children of America are our fucking future and should not be treated like peices of crap the same way the assface Bush is treating them.

I feel better now. You gotta fucking problem with dat? :rofl:

Now, the fucking blog is open and we got all the accrutrements you may want... Help yourself to whatever shit you want!

4F Disclaimer: Raine wishes to express that the preceeding was her opinion only and does not necessarily represent the opinions of the staff or the members of this blog. All rights reserved. JesusLovesYou., LLC

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