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That's how it is done.
Author: Raine    Date: 03/16/2020 13:06:28

Good Morning. I watched a little bit of the debate last night.

WaPo has a good write up on it as I am sure many papers do. We can discuss the substance and the pro or cons os the candidates, but this stood out.
The first one-on-one debate of the cycle allowed the candidates to talk for long stretches, and the moderators gave them time for a lengthy back-and-forth without interruption. But the debate also was somewhat subdued; the lack of a studio audience meant no interruptions from cheering supporters. The candidates also seemed mindful of broader concerns in the nation, although that did not entirely preclude some punching.

After last night, I believe we should return to this format. It began that way with Nixon and Kennedy. It was a far more serious discussion with no distractions. It was a sober instead of a circus. No more reality/Game show debates.

Stay healthy out there today, and this week.




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