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Author: Raine    Date: 05/21/2020 13:03:05

You know what we have heard very little about after states shut down and people started to socially distance themselves because of this pandemic?

Our other pandemic, the one we seem to forget about, mass shootings -- at schools and malls, etc. The gun violence that ravages our nation seemed to easing up because of stay-at-home orders.

On May 15, Arizona began to re-open the state. Less than a week later, 3 people were shot at a mall in Glendale, Arizona.

All I can think when I hear people complain about having to wear masks because 'freedom' is that this is the normal we will be returning to, it seems. This pro-life, pro-2A crowd wants that kind of normal back. The obsession with guns is a sickness in this nation and unlike the corona virus we have treatments to stop this pandemic:

Gun Control.

Many conservatives want to take off their masks. What they don't seem to realize is that they have already been unmasked because the GOP is willing to cull the herd with both of these illnesses. It's almost as if they are a death cult. I take no pleasure in saying that.


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