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Author: BobR    Date: 10/14/2020 13:17:04

With less than three weeks until election day, Team tRump is getting increasingly desperate. The polls show Biden with a double-digit lead nationally. Of course, we know that what really matters are the swing states, and what REALLY matters are just a handful of counties and/or districts within those states. Worse for tRump - those swing states are not looking to swing in his favor, and - if early voting is any indication - the huge turnout already in those states does not bode well for tRump.

The Barrett hearings are consuming all of the news cycles, which is understandable. As the loss of yet another SCOTUS seat to a conservative appears to be all but certain, the fallout from the tRump regime seems certain: the future loss of rights paired with the current loss of governmental norms.

The architect of this judicial blueprint is obviously Mitch McConnell, yet another politician on shaky ground. He knows that presidents and senators come and go, but judgeships are for a lifetime. He has spent the last 4 years packing the courts, knowing that long after he's gone, HIS legacy will live on.

Beyond the desperation of packing the courts, tRump and other Republicans are trying everything to see what sticks. AG Bill Barr and tRump tried to use the power of the Justice Department to prosecute "ObamaGate" - and failed miserably. They were hoping they could tar and feather Biden with accusations of using the power of government inappropriately (yes, it's both ironic and jaw-dropping projection), but it turned out to be a big Nothing-Burger. This attempt at an "October Surprise" turned out to be a surprise on them.

The Republican party in California put up unsanctioned ballot collection boxes. They claim they're within their rights to collect ballots and deliver them to collection sites to be counted. How much are you willing to bet that those boxes placed in Democratic-majority sections of the state would end up being delivered too late to be counted - if at all? tRump and his cult members can claim hijinks all they want, but it seems like they're always the ones committing them.

In the most recent development, tRump bailed on the 2nd presidential debate, which was meant to be a town hall. Biden said he would go ahead with it and take questions anyway. So what does tRump do? He will be doing his own town hall - at the same time as the original one Biden committed too. This is such a blatant move to avoid responding to what Biden says, as well as forcing voters to watch one over the over. It's cowardly and manipulative, but what else would you expect?

Ultimately, tRump's legacy won't be the coarsening of politics, it will be his "bankruptcy" of our government itself. As tRump watches yet another of his "business" ventures slowly slide down the tubes like a turd in the bowl, he is desperately realizing what his legacy will be. He thinks getting another 4 years will fix it, but the voters know better.

tRump has overplayed his hand, and is desperately trying to not lose "his" house (the White House). We all know how this game ends up.

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