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Look over there, Where?
Author: Raine    Date: 06/30/2022 13:00:05

With all that has gone on this past week, I still can't shake myself from the testimony of former Aide to WH COS, Cassidy Hutchinson.

For those wondering why she testified in public after she gave taped depositions, here is an interesting explainer: She replaced her lawyer.
Cassidy Hutchinson — a top aide to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows during the Trump era — has parted ways with her lawyer and brought on new representation. Her new lawyer, Jody Hunt of Alston Bird, confirmed the move to POLITICO.

The change in counsel signals an increased willingness from Hutchinson to cooperate fully with the Jan. 6 select committee’s probe, according to a person familiar with her thinking. The panel has signaled that it views her as a key witness.

Hutchinson’s former attorney, Stefan Passantino, has deep Trump World connections. Her new lawyer, Jody Hunt, is a longtime close ally of Jeff Sessions and served as his chief of staff when the former attorney general enraged Trump by recusing from the Russia probe.
In getting new counsel, it appears she had the freedom to be more forthright.

Immediately, TFG's supporters started to try to discredit her testimony. That's no shocker, but it is very telling as to what they are denying, and what they aren't - in particular, Hutchinson's testimony about what happened inside the vehicle TFG took after his speech on the ellipse. Everyone is raising hell and accusing her of lying about the The Lunge and the reach for the steering wheel. For example:

What they are not saying and hoping you will forget is the bigger part of her testimony: the SS Detail had a blueprint for the attack. Don't let them distract you - it's what they aren't discrediting that matters because it's pretty damning stuff.

Don't look away from this big distraction, though.

Yup, Rudy admitted to asking for a pardon after he denied asking for a pardon. Ooops.

That's the real slap on the back, not this.



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