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About FourFreedoms...

During the summer of 2007 the three founding members of the "FourFreedoms Message Forum" (now defunct) came together to create that site. The idea behind the Four FourFreedoms Message Forum was to foster political conversation from various viewpoints in an environment free of personal attacks and flaming. The site did well providing that venue, until the host (IPBFree) went out of business in spring 2010.

After a few months of opening the forum, we decided we wanted a blog as well. We had been members of another blog previously, and decided we wanted to have a place where we could "hang out", and chat in the comments. From that desire, this blog was borne in fall of 2007.

The way this blog normally operates is that we post a "main" blog entry in the morning, and then the members use the comments like a chat room, mostly while listening to the Stephanie Miller Show. After the show is over, we still hang out and chat, and occationally open another blog post, if there is something that warrants it. That's usually the case during debates, election nights, etc.

We've tried to make it as much fun as possible, with the ability for members to post comments containing images, emoticons, YouTubes, and we even have an extensive library of "audicons". We all need a good sound box at our fingertips!

You will likely not find this sort of functionality elsewhere. We didn't, so we wrote our own blog software. This blog runs on BobberBlogs proprietary software.

We are also completely self-funded, with no money coming from outside interests or adverstising. We do take donations from members (there is a donate link on the main menu bar)

If this is your first time here, have a look around, join up, and join in the fun. Be forwarned that most of the members here are fairly (liberal)

Thanks for visiting!

The FourFreedomsBlog team