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Dear Senator McConnell
Author: TriSec    Date: 11/28/2020 11:14:52

I am not a direct constituent, as I do not currently reside in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. However – as you are the Senate Majority Leader, by rights ALL Americans are your constituents.

In that regard, Senator, you have completely FAILED in your role.

You have sat idly by and watched as a rogue president has dismantled, destroyed, and otherwise disregarded what is in cases decades or even centuries’ worth of American policy and precedent.

You, of all Senators, should know that your branch of government is a part of the magnificent system of ‘checks and balances’ created by the Framers. At any point in time, the Senate could have risen to the lofty heights envisioned by Thomas Jefferson and John Adams and prevented America from ever taking that first step on the road to ruin.

Instead, you have all chosen to play the role of the “enabler” and have together been complicit in allowing a megalomaniac to trample the Constitution and other documents, with little or no regard for any consequences to the nation or the world.

The Senate has become the roadblock in the United States. Very little legislation has been passed under your leadership; you have gone out of your way to block appointments, delay treaties, ignore policies, and in general misdirect and delay any and all policies that did not originate from the Oval Office, no matter how beneficial they might be.

As a Senator, you have not even made an effort to improve your local constituency, as Kentucky ranks near the bottom in education, poverty, drug abuse, and nearly every other metric that is used to indicate an advanced society.

How does Kentucky feel, knowing that under your leadership, very little improvement has been made in your state’s progress? How do YOU feel, knowing that you have single-handedly blocked any progress for a nation of millions?

While your place as Majority Leader remains secure, your majority is tenuous at best. Even at this late stage, the president refuses to accept defeat. Honorable Senators and other leaders from your party have recognized that the election is over and was conducted fairly and professionally. Yet, the upper leadership of your party has sided with the president.

Obstructing, misleading, and attempting to damage the incoming, legally-elected administration is nothing short of a coup attempt, and it marks you and all your fellow adherents as abrogating your oath as Senators to “Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, both foreign AND domestic”.

At this time in history, you have now served in the US Senate for 35 years. I’m sure you consider them the best years of your life, devoted in service to the people of Kentucky. It is unfortunate for you that your ideology and beliefs are on the verge of being consigned to the dustbin of history.

Senator, you are not a young man anymore. And while I pray that it does not come too soon for you, at some point in time, you will meet your maker as all men must.

It is my fervent hope that whatever deity you believe in will reward you in a manner keeping with what you have accomplished as a Senator and Majority Leader.


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