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Six Days
Author: TriSec    Date: 12/12/2020 11:23:11

Six Days. I went a whole six days listening to "Boston's Christmas Station" on my bus before finally hearing my most hated Christmas song.

But even more than that. It's not just a poor Christmas song, it's quite possibly the worst song ever recorded in the history of music.

Of course I won't name it - but you could probably guess. If all of known time and space were to collapse into a single supermassive black hole, it would not suck as much as this song. as I noted earlier this week elsewhere, "Sir Paul's otherwise sterling career is nearly ruined by this one song."

Yet, music is very weird. As much as I loathe it, somewhere out there it's somebody's favourite Christmas song. Which does make them completely wrong and newly-added to my enemies list, but I digress.

There's a traditional Christmas song that annoys me nearly as much. A brief question - what sound does a manger make when you push it down a flight of stairs? "Pa-rum-pum-pum-PUM!!!".

There are always alternatives, though. At this time of year, I also look forward to listening to "SomaFM" from San Francisco. It's an online station featuring a broad band of electronic music, and among them are a few Christmas channels. "Christmas Lounge" is that eclectic mix of traditional, lounge, dance, downtempo, and even electronic Christmas tunes.

But "Xmas in Frisco" is the fun one. As the blurb notes, "Not for the easily offended". It's a hoot, but of course there's a lot of x-rated material. Longtime readers of this space are familiar with a couple of classics - "There's Something Stuck up in the Chimney" was discovered on this station.

I heard a new take on the "12 Days of Christmas" by an unlikely group called Ron and the Rude Boys. Apparently some kind of Australian Rugby Song. It does feature the lyric "A blowjob in a pear tree", which immediately makes it a difficult internet search to find anything. (You'd be surprised by the number of "Blowjob in a Pear Tree" videos out there, but I digress. Again.)

So there you have it. Where do you stand on the musical selections of this season?

(Psst - I know you're all waiting for the blog's official Christmas Song.)

Ho, Ho, HO! (What did you just call me???)


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