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Nobody else could except ourselves.
Author: TriSec    Date: 01/09/2021 11:25:17

Good Morning.

August 24, 1814. Two hundred and seven years.

The only time the Capitol of the United States fell to a foreign invader. In what some refer to as the "Second Revolutionary War" - our old enemy, the Royal Army of England, invaded Washington, DC and burned the Capitol building to the ground.


Since then though....Washington and the institutions therein have remained un-assailed.

This gentleman tried many times to reach it, but was repulsed every time.


It was August of 1862 that the Army of Northern Virginia came the closest; a mere twenty-five miles away at Bull Run. But they failed.

Generations later, this gentleman very badly wanted to attack Washington - but there was never any credible attempt.


In fact, he couldn't take London. Although his submarines wreaked havoc on the Eastern Seaboard, It's not clear how close U-Boats came to Washington, but ships were sunk right outside New York Harbor and off the Outer Banks.

In the Pacific, well - despite the successes at Pearl Harbor and elsewhere in the first week of the war, The Japanese never made a credible attempt at attacking mainland America.


So we arrive at the Twenty-First century. January 6, 2021 - a new date which should live in infamy. Over two centuries since it was last directly attacked, the US Capitol nearly fell again.

Only this time, we did it ourselves.


What makes it the most despicable is that he does not bear the title Fuhrer, or Prime Minister - this is the President of the United States. Loyal foot soldiers; loyal to HIM, not America or our ideals, overwhelmed an under-prepared and perhaps complicit Capitol Defence.

It's been called Sedition.

It's been called Domestic Terrorism.

It should be called what it is - straight fascism and an Act of War.

The United States has a long history of dealing with foreign enemies. In fact, we're pretty good at it. For example, here's what one of the cities of a former enemy looked like when we got finished with it.


While I am certainly not advocating blasting Trumpian strongholds on our shores, I can think of at least a handful of cities in the US that might be better off as an atomic ruin, but I digress.


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