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You GO Girl. Please!
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 01/31/2021 14:23:49

Velveeta is thrilled to write about one of her new besties, Marjorie Taylor Greene. We spoke last night over the phone and dished like Middle School girls about all sorts of fun things: who’s cuter Josh or Madison, which 9mm fits our hands without ruining our manicures, favorite foods, super bowl, how rich and strong Donald is and so much more. As it got later and later and we got very giddy, we ended our evening call around midnight by making list of people that should burn in hell. We had a lovely time.

It seems people have the entirely wrong idea about MTG as she has been referred to recently by some in the Lame Stream Media. She’s a very lovely woman and she has loads of energy. I'm sure you’ve heard about her views that seem strange to a few, but I want you to know that she is a groundbreaker, a leader! You know, Galileo once was called a nut. Just remember that.

Let’s look at some of her “bizarre” theories. And please keep an open mind, you’ll soon see that she may be smarter than you. And she is not a bad person; not one mean bone in her very petite body. MGT is pro-life and pro-gun, did you know that? That’s TWO pro’s right there.

One of the most talked about of her stances is that Jewish space lasers started the wildfires in California. I do not understand why people pick on this topic. Do you think that Jews aren’t savvy enough to build lasers in space? Why, that’s downright anti-Semitic of you. For the record, it’s not Jewish people, it’s corporations that happen to be owned by the likes of George Soros and the Rothschilds which build these lasers, powered by the sun (hot fire) that shoot beams to Earth. I thought you people were all about “green new deal” wind/solar/whatever power generation. Can’t you just admit that there might be a problem with the sun-powered beams? Something to consider.

Consider this as well. School shootings tend to get everyone upset. The question becomes not why do they happen, rather, do they happen? MGT says no, and she’s on the Education Committee so she has more information than any of us do on the matter. People say things like, “my son/daughter/gender-neutral person got shot at _______ school”. But these are actors. We know this because many of them are members of acting unions and we’ve seen them on small roles on TV shows. Here is Steve Guttenberg who claims to have lost a child in Parkland:



Okay, there is one of her theories I do not agree with, and that would be Frazzledrip. Marjorie asserts that a video exists of Hillary Clinton and her assistant and lover Huma Abedin murdering a child in a satanic ritual. Clinton later ordered a "hit" on a police officer to cover it up. In this ritual, Clinton removes the face of the child and wears it while her lover laughs and rubs blood on her own face. This is very wrong; Nancy Pelosi was also there.


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