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Father's Day Muse
Author: TriSec    Date: 06/20/2021 17:35:03

Musing a little early today. Papa TriSec is coming around and we're going to have a cocktail hour in a bit.

But never mind that - For the last year, I have denied my true self and have been living a lie.

We all lived through it. There is no need to re-hash the obvious. A year ago, (June 3) I was demoted from Head Conductor and summarily laid off. We got back to touring again about six weeks later (July 13) with many Covid restrictions in place. I noted previously that they were the "saddest tours ever", and as more of my colleagues decided not to come back last year, I felt that the time had come to get out.

I was proven correct - tours shut down for the winter around Columbus Day, and a skeleton crew kept the place alive through the winter. As for me, I drove a transit bus for a while, and was completely miserable doing so. Now about two months ago, I tried going back to an office job in healthcare.

I'm here to tell you today that was a big bust, too. Last Friday was my last day with the doctor. As it turned out - the practice was in complete turmoil. My feeble skills proved to be no match for the power of the Dark Side. I soldiered on as best as I could, but Doc and I had a series of heart-to-heart talks last week and mutually agreed to part ways.

So now I go back to what I know. Thursday afternoon, I reached out to one of my trusted lieutenants back at the trolley. He worked all winter, and was able to tell me that things are busy; people are back riding tours, and they were totally desperate for drivers.

I'll be back in the driver's seat by the end of this week, I hope.

It's been a brutal, unhappy year. But I think the final straw came a few weeks ago. The doctor's office was in Cambride, near a place called Porter Square. (You could look it up.) Walking to the subway station, there's a wide open vista where I could see clear into the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston.

Driving and working in the city always made me happy. You know how much of a 'homer' I am - it's a running joke on the blog. That day I was walking to the train to get home, and I saw my city....for the first time I can remember, it made me sad.

This simply will not do. For better or for worse, "Cubbie" is back in the house. If we cease operations again this winter, well - I'll worry about it then. If any of you on this humble blog ever make it up to the ol' Hub of the Universe - you're always welcome on my tour.


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