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Trisec is tired.
Author: TriSec    Date: 08/01/2021 11:40:31

"The blood thins - the body fails, and one is finally thankful for a failing memory.

I no longer treasure life, not even my own.


The past....is a blank."

- Kodos the executioner, "Star Trek".

Is it too much? Is it finally too much?

Yes, I am tired. Mentally exhausted. Oh, it's not work. I'm actually loving that again. We've been going busily along; trolleys are full, and tips are good.

But what are those trolleys full of?

I've been watching with alarm the increasing cases in Provincetown. While The Cape is that leading vacation destination in this Commonwealth for visitors and locals alike, my fair city can't be that far behind.

As part of our usual trolley banter, many of the drivers always ask our guests "Where are you from?" Cubbie doesn't play that game - I honestly don't want to know. Texas, Florida, Alabama? Well, you're automatically an unvaccinated plague rat in my eyes. I'd rather hide behind the anonymity of the tourist and just carry on.

But for how much longer?

Our Governor has remained strangely tight-lipped during this surge, despite being one of the national leaders for the last year and a half. Even more alarming is the ongoing pushback from all facets of society. No mask? Check. Not vaccinated? Check. Mocking those that are? Check.

This remains war. A war we are losing. I have made the comparison to WWII repeatedly in this business, so I will again.

If I count from our trolley shutdown last year (March 15), to today that is 504 days. 504 days after Pearl Harbor was April 25, 1943. We weren't even halfway there. V-E day wouldn't come for another 861 days.

Can we do it? 861 more days of tearing the country apart over what should be an easy thing to unite over? That would be December 10, 2023.

I expect that the United States will collapse long before that if we don't get our heads out of our collective asses.


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