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Author: Raine    Date: 08/02/2021 13:08:28

If anyone watches the cable news network MSNBC you will know that they have a fair amount of Republican contributors on air. While they have been cast as 'Never-T--mpers" -- they are still conservatives.

And to be honest, I appreciate that. Their position is generally one of policy instead of anti-T--mp now that 'TFG" guy is out of office. One republican was a frequent on-air contributor even before the Malignant one occupied the White House. He is Michael Steele, Former Lt. Governor of Maryland and former head of the RNC.

I like his personality and bluntness not just about his own party, of which he is still a member but even when I disagree with him. When he comments on the RNC tomfoolery of the day (to put it lightly), I have always had a sense that there was another communicative narrative going on. A narrative in the sense he really communicates differently when not inside a suit and tie and on traditional cable TV.

Well, over the weekend that sense was put to rest. As many know by now, Jym jorn told a few news outlets that he spoke to 'TFG" on January 6. Some cue the HumminnaHumminna from Jackie Gleason:

Steele commented on the Lincoln Project TV (he is a member). Well, it's a doozy.

Speaking of telling us how 'you really feel', Kevin McCarthy told a bunch of people in Tennessee just that. I'm hoping Mr. Steele has something to say about Minority leader McCarthy after he threatened to assault 80 year old women. This kind of threat is a federal crime -- just like aiding and abetting to overthrow our government.



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