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Author: TriSec    Date: 09/25/2021 11:08:48

Good Morning.

We've transitioned to fall - which means a lot of old autumn habits are also re-surfacing.

Not the least of which is Scouting. As I'm fond of noting, "I work so I can Scout", and we've started having in-person meetings again. Safely outside and masks and distance, per our local guidelines.

I have also been able to return to my local YMCA. It was shut down for a long time during Covid, and when it re-opened, it was nearly impossible to get a scheduled lap time for the pool. Even as things loosened up earlier this summer, there was a shortage of lifeguards in this Commonwealth, so times were still limited.

But as often happens when school starts again - everybody else miraculously disappeared.

I am a long-distance and open-water swimmer. Since I was a teenager myself, I've had the uncanny ability to just jump in the water and go. No stretch, no warm-up, no practice. In and away. I did it again last week. After not having been in a pool in over 18 months, I did a half-mile like I hadn't been away a day.

But that's not the real therapy. It's the sauna. My YMCA also has both a steam and a dry sauna. I prefer the dry. It's unclear if there is any actual benefit, but a number of websites claim that there is. I'm particularly enamored of a thing called "deep sweating". Of course, there is no clinical proof that this is a thing.

There is no evidence to suggest that sweating during a sauna session releases toxins from the body or skin. The sole purpose of sweating is to prevent overheating of your body. It’s your liver and kidneys that do the detoxifying.

Proper hydration is important for your liver and kidneys to function properly. Make sure to drink plenty of water to replenish lost fluids after using the sauna. Let your liver and kidneys do the work.

Nevertheless - I was in there last week for a good half-hour. Felt like I did sweat out a years' worth of toxins - mental, physical, political, and otherwise.

I'll likely be able to make this a weekly occurrence now, at least until 'resolution season' after January 1.


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