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Make Trouble
Author: Raine    Date: 01/17/2022 13:52:27

Today is my annual MLK Blog post. While so many out there in our circles and on the media will be quoting him, I hope they are reminded of what he was fighting and why he was assassinated.

Having to read it from his own daughter should give everyone pause.

To put a finer point in it, while so many people, particularly modern-day conservatives, will quote Dr. King today they will most likely not use a quote from this interview in 1967. They won't because it goes straight to the heart of what this movement is defending today.

Make no mistake, even if it is uncomfortable -- not expanding voting rights goes hand in hand with our nation's institutional racism. Those that want to remain supreme over others are doing the same thing they have always done. They don't like their status quo challenged. and that why this is so powerful.

Make good trouble, no matter the danger.


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