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TriSec is Unwell
Author: TriSec    Date: 01/29/2022 14:03:08

But do I think it's the 'rona? Well....no.

I manifested a slight cough yesterday, and increasing nasal congestion. Plus a sore throat - square around the ol' adam's apple - no lymph node swelling.

Since I have no other symptoms on the CDC list, it seems to me like a routine winter cold.

I suppose I should test. I took an online 'symptom survey' from the CDC, and they think I'm goma die - they recommend seeing my doctor right away.

Sorry, there's a blizzard going on. (Which is a fizzle so far, but it's still early.)

Ah well - I'll keep you all posted, but right now I am not concerned. Other than the cold, I mean. *koff*


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