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Author: TriSec    Date: 04/30/2022 11:38:28

Good Morning.

I'm off to drive some tours today, but I'm the lunch coverage - won't need to be in the driver's seat until 11:15.

It's been an interesting few weeks around the TriSec compound. My prime focus over the last month has of course been Woodbadge. I posted about that a few weeks ago. Seems hard to believe that it was about this time in 2019 that I agreed to be on staff for the course in Spring 2020. (HA!) But now it's all over but the ticket work. Eighteen more months to go for the candidates and select members of the Senior Staff. When it's all said and done, this will be the longest woodbadge course of all time. It will end up being four and a half years from the appointment of the course director to his final report.

But moving on, another covid-delayed life event is also moving rapidly. In December of 2019 I submitted my application to become a Mason in the lodge in my hometown. Before the investigating committee could even begin, everything was shut down. The Lodge was suspended for over a year and no membership activity took place. I was finally initiated in October of 2021, but before I could progress much further we had the Omicron blip. But I got my second degree last week, and things are now moving at their proper pace. (And I want to join the Shriners after I am raised to Master Mason!)

Being a student of history (and getting paid to do so), I often wonder if the past few years are remotely like anything our forebears had experienced. Not so much the Spanish Flu, but I'm thinking of the Great Depression and World War II. It's only been two years for us, but what was it like to live for more than a decade in those days with only the struggle to stay alive day-to-day, without ever having any hope or plan for the future?

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