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It was over when The Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor
Author: Raine    Date: 05/23/2022 13:07:43

Good Morning and welcome to the start of a new week. I woke up today to see that the basic crapshow in this nation is fairly benign in accordance with this new chaotic normal. I hope that makes sense.

Benign if you take into consideration that there is one political party that has gone completely insane. I don't have to write about it, all one has to due is peruse just the headlines --They are out of touch with reality.

Let's take a look at one great headline. Electric truck maker Rivian wants to bring thousands of jobs to rural Georgia

Ooops, my bad, that's not the headline. This is:

Georgia electrical vehicle factory becomes Kemp, Perdue campaign battle

Electric truck maker Rivian wants to bring thousands of jobs to rural Georgia — but some Republicans want the "woke corporation" to go back to California.

That's right! The GOP is attacking employment as 'Too Woke' but here's the best part: It's like the burning of Atlanta...
Amazon wants to switch its delivery fleet to clean electric vehicles, starting with an order for 100,000 zero-pollution Rivian tucks that could be made in Georgia. But many locals in the heavily Republican area see the project as devastating to their environment.

“Sherman and his troops destroyed our community. Now this supposedly green company is coming to destroy it again,” said JoEllen Artz, the president of the grassroots No2Rivian group, which says it has raised over $250,000 and hired Atlanta lawyers to help wage their battle. “We want to keep it just like it is.”

I am heading outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, this is just stupid.



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