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It is better and not enough
Author: Raine    Date: 06/13/2022 13:18:15

About the proposed changes to gun law, they do not go far enough. That said this time something is better than nothing and if this legislation becomes law it will save lives.

On Saturday, across the Nation there were rallies to call for elected officials to make changes to our gun regulations. Would this time be different?

Maybe, but it is not the end. We must elect more people to office that want to go further. I mean, there has been an honest discussion about showing what the bodies of these children look like with the comparison to Mamie Till Mobley, the Mother of Emmit till. She had an open casket for her son's funeral. She did it to show the world what white national terrorism did to her son. But here is the thing, there have been open caskets.
“Yes,” the 18-year-old answered, smiling and extending her hand. This was her first trip away from home without an adult. She’d just graduated from Michigan’s Oxford High, where four students were killed in November, including one of Touray’s closest friends. She’d gone to funeral after funeral, staring into open caskets at swollen faces that looked nothing like the kids she knew.

Browning opened a black folder and removed a packet of documents that on one side read, “MARCH FOR OUR LIVES,” and on the other, “IT ENDS WITH US.”

But none of the people being handed the packets knew whether that was true. Many of them had been here before.
Responding with violence images of the actual violence may not be enough. We must elect more of the helpers.



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