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Can't wrap my head around this
Author: Raine    Date: 07/18/2022 13:03:26

Let's just make this precise: Among the many (and there are many) problems we have in this country, headlines like this are not even worthy of Banana Republics:

Trump Tells Team He Needs to Be President Again to Save Himself from Criminal Probes

The former president is planning on running for the White House — and away from the law

That headline is from Rolling Stone. I didn't read the article, as I have hit my paywall limit, but it doesn't matter for me. The very idea that this is acceptable in this country shows not how divided we are regarding red and blue areas, but how badly broken our justice system is. Gerald Ford never should have pardoned Nixon; his wife Betty was on-point about that right from the start.

White power elites have a different system than the middle class. And for the middle class? it's a helluva lot better than for black people and others of color. This isn't a justice system, it's a caste system.

If we can't prosecute the most corrupt pResident in history, we become a failed democracy. The very idea that he even thinks this is indicative of a failed justice system. We knew it was cracked and broken before this just by looking at the sheer numbers of black men in jail for the 'offense' of selling weed, but now the white elites are openly musing about running for office to evade the crimes they committed and are planning to commit.

They are just saying the quiet part out loud now. Pho K this shit.


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