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Author: TriSec    Date: 09/10/2022 10:13:03

Good Morning.

Like most of us, I've been pondering Her Majesty these last few days.

We Americans are a weird lot. Remembering that 250 years ago, it was 1772 and we were already many steps down the road to revolution at that time. It was, after all, Her Majesty's Great-great-great-great Grandfather, King George III that was giving us all the ajita.

It almost seems like she's been Queen since then, doesn't it? But that's what I find astounding - how long she was queen. There was a bit of graphic out on the BBC yesterday comparing her reign to other world leaders.

Winston Churchill was her first PM.

President Truman was in the Oval Office.

Josef Stalin was General Secretary of the USSR.

It's almost unbelievable the changes she witnessed over her 70 years as monarch. Unlike some others that have worn the crown, I would imagine that history will treat her rather kindly.

The Queen was here in Boston once - on the anniversary of the revolution in 1776. I regret that I do not have any specific memories of her visit, but I do remember my mother wanting to drive into Boston to see the Brittania. (Hey, what do you want - I was ten. I'll remember a cool boat, not necessarily some queen.)

Over the next few days, plans for the massive Royal Funeral will proceed. It will be interesting to see the "Who's Who?" of world leaders gather in London. A few folks I wonder if they'll go - you can ponder your own thoughts on that one.

There is an online condolences book, at the Royal Family website. A physical book will be available in Boston starting on Monday at the Old North Church.

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