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Could be Something or Tee Time
Author: Raine    Date: 09/12/2022 12:52:19

Hey there! There is a certain stink in the DMV this morning. I haven't smelled it since January 2021. What stink, you ask? TFG flew into Dulles Airport last evening.

Some guy who likes filming strange DC things got the video. It starts about 140 into the clip.

There is a lot of speculation, including myself as to why he is here. He flew in from Morristown airport New Jersey and got off the plane wearing golf shoes at about 630 last night.

Flight Aware can confirm it. Flight Aware can also confirm that the private plane arrived at Morristown Airport after departing from Palm Beach Airport on the same day.

I think it is valid to think he went to his Virginia Golf course. I know it was too late and too wet for a round yesterday. It does all appear rather odd that he was wearing golf shoes on the plane. I don't know if he was even in MAL yesterday. I don't believe it is a medical issue, TBH. If I'm proven wrong, I can live with it, but this was an interesting thing from a random person on the Twitter:

Today has the potential to be interesting. Or it could be nothing. Keep watching this space.



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