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Has it already started??? AT&T Blocking e-mails?
Author: right wing hater    Date: 05/05/2008 20:17:16

Hey Everyone...this is really unnerving (to say the least)

I post the Daily Reading every morning to the Forum on this site (and I always send it to my bellsouth account (the 'new AT&T' - ie unstoppable monopolistic juggernaut) as well as to a small mailing list (7 addresses - including Raine's yay!)...

Well, I thought something was up this morning, when I didn't see that it went through (from bellsouth to bellsouth) so I sent it to my AOL account from bellsouth and vice versa...to see if it will send it....Nada. Corrupt text/code...nope created brand new e-mails...same thing 3x.

I remember reading a couple of months back that AT&T would become a 'filter police' filtering/monitoring packets etc...under the cloak of 'piracy prevention'. Now for those of you who get into torrents, etc....you know that means you.

We already knew these (insert words here) were illegally accumulating data for the Bush crime family (ala San Francisco whistleblower who has made the rounds)...

Well...I look at their 'new guidelines' and apparently they are content filtering now....

Now...if an e-mail advocates for an illegal action, ok I'll bite...but the thought police enter into the equation here, which I am 100% against.
I can understand them filtering for 'profanity', 'inappropriate content' yada yada yada...but this seriously infringes upon freedom of speech. Once again, I'm an adult (at least in age, maybe not in practice 24-7, 365...) and there was none of the above, in fact you can go to the Forum and see exactly what I cut & paste everday....tell me if that violates any 'terms of use' you've ever seen....

Now...how many of those of you remember "NET NEUTRALITY" and the amazing grass roots stir & headlines it garnered during the run up to the 2006 election, it became a hot button issue and for all intensive purposes we 'won' and it became taken for granted. So when you see those petitions...please take those 10 seconds to do them.

I just got off the phone with them (supervisor) who wanted me to forward the message to their server team, ok, I'll play ball for now...but if by the end of this week this isn't resolved (he stated 48 hours - and yes he asked for a summary of the 'content'), then AT&T can kiss this customer good bye.

And HughesNet (satellite DSL) will have a new customer...

Talk about a Police State, hopefully this is an isolated incident, if not....I may take this and run a campaign against them...

Feel free to offer any suggestions or add anything

BTW: Raine...did you receive my daily in your comcast inbox today?

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