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Has Hillary raised that damn glass ceiling?
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 06/01/2008 12:20:58

I dreamed that one day, during my lifetime, and God willing, during my Mothers lifetime, there would be a President of the United States that we would address as "Madam President". I dreamed that Madam President would change the way politics would be done in Washington; the end of dirty tricks, lying, and plotting behind closed doors - schemes that would hurt Americans.

And Hillary Clinton is killing my dream.

Hillary believed she was entitled to the Presidency. Yes, I said it. Entitled. Father Michael Pfleger, guest Pastor at "Obama's Church" as its come to be called, was right on. His sermon was on White Entitlement, which is why he brought Hillary Clinton into the mix.

And why not? From the start Clinton has assumed she will be the nominee.
She is entitled because she has the name, the money, the popularity, and she thought, the super-delegates....... not that she'd even need them.

Her assumption that she would just sweep in and be the Democratic Presidential Nominee is just plain galling to those of us that had this dream. Many of us envisioned that our first serious female candidate that would stop "playing the political game" and start talking and listening to the American people honestly. That she would be such a refreshing change Independents, Libertarians and Republicans would jump on the bandwagon. All of us, Black and White; Young and Old, Gay and Straight, holding hands and singing songs and then diving into a large bed and ripping off our .............. oops, sorry that’s a different dream.

But then this Black guy stole our thunder! Seems he had a dream as well. And more than that, a plan. A damn good one. He’d play nice all the while playing by the rules. Instead of screaming and complaining; he’d be thoughtful, considerate and focus on looking for solutions. He studied the Party rules and used them to his advantage - concentrating on the Democratic districts that would secure him more delegates, even if he lost the state to Clinton.

He has been the “Tortoise” to Clintons “Hare”.

And Barack Obama could have played so ugly; he could have used the old political game. Bringing up Monica, Whitewater, the Rose Law firm, Vince Foster, and any number of things that would have kept Hillary on the defensive. He even could have played up her many verbal mishaps: sniper fire in Bosnia or the RFK assassination. But he didn’t. He’s consistently played “nice”. Meanwhile, I cringe, every time Hillary or one of her screaming supporters gets behind the microphone. Even MoveOn, an organization that was started in response to all the nit-picking of Bill Clinton, has turned against Hillary. Ironic?

This is NOT the way it was supposed to play out for me. I wanted a woman to be the one that changed the rules. But its not happening, and I might just throw a tantrum! Hillary! You are turning into the proverbial spoiled nagging housewife, hanging onto to her husband and demanding that everything goes YOUR way! I find it sickening and insulting to feminism! You are setting women BACK, not forward. We want to walk on our own two feet, not feel that we are ENTITLED to anything because of our (fill in the blank) just like any man would want! YOU (or someone similar to you, perhaps with a different last name) were supposed to be our guiding light toward change and peace and acceptance and freedom and all those other hippie ideals that your generation promised!!

But, but, but............. You’re WHINING!! Now you’ve GOT ME WHINING! THIS AIN’T HOW ITS SUPPOSED TO PLAY OUT. DAMMIT!!

Ahem, excuse me.

So, now that Hillary has screamed loud enough and gotten what she wants, well, half of what she wants, she's determined to continue. Harold Ickes, a committee member and Clinton adviser, said the Senator was reserving the right to contest the decision into the summer. So, the whining and screaming will continue.

The whining will continue despite the fact that she said this back in October:

I personally did not think it made any difference whether or not my name was on the ballot. It's clear: This election they're having is not going to count for anything.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama has resigned from his “controversial” church as the media talking-points heads now calls it. I think he did the right thing, there is no sense in continuing to have to defend this church that can’t seem to shut up during the election. He says he’s looking for a new church. Might I suggest one that is in........... Washington DC?

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