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Life and Death
Author: TriSec    Date: 07/09/2022 09:41:54

Good Morning.

A curious phrase, "brother from another mother".

My "Another mother" passed on yesterday. Elaine Bentz of Saugus, MA at the age of 90.

Although she had many medical issues in her later years, she brought home a special gift from the hospital for her 90th birthday, just days ago on July 4.

I don't know how such things are determined, but she is probably just the latest victim on the ever-growing list from coronavirus; and more blood on Trump's hands.

This is my oldest friend's mother - he too has had many medical issues over the years. I hadn't actually seen him in over two years for...reasons, but in spite of everything he was looking pretty good the other day, and maybe after decades of struggle with pills and mental health issues seems to finally be getting his life in as much order as is possible for his condition.

Strange, that sometimes among the living we can find ways to distance ourselves, but in death we always come back together to watch out for those we care for.

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