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He is Risen!
Author: TriSec    Date: 04/08/2023 22:57:01

Yes, let's have a very rare religious blog from Your Loyal Trisec.

I am having what is quite possibly the lamest Easter of my life this year. Yes, even worse than Covid.

I'll admit it rather snuck up on me. I am Sicilian, so I was indeed raised in the Catholic Tradition. I do refer to this as "The number 2 holiday on the Italian Food Calendar", second only to Christmas eve.

But I did nothing this year. Didn't even make pizzeles, never mind a pizza. Javi is about to graduate, and is worrying about his new home with his likely new bride. (Nothing official yet!) I'm working tomorrow, and my last living local relative was never terribly religious in any regard. (Papa TriSec)

So - I'm off to drive trolley tours tomorrow, for the few folks that will be out and about. Later, I'll head home and partake of whatever delicacies Mrs. TriSec will obtain at our local Italian joint.

It was recently Passover. Easter Sunday. And soon, Eid-al-Fitr.

Whatever Prophet it is that you follow, have a blessed day today.


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