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Looking for a sweep
Author: TriSec    Date: 10/28/2007 23:28:05

Good evening!

Well, here it is. After 86 years of futility, heartache, and disappointment, it sure is odd to be looking at a second world series win in 3 years. But since Red Sox Nation is the most superstitious of all sports fans, I have my own theory about that. "The Sweep" erased all that angst in neat fashion thusly:

Game 1: 1946
Game 2: 1967
Game 3: 1975
and Game 4, the clincher, erased that monstrous insult on The Nation in 1986.

My friend Dennis still has the best story from that tortured evening 21 Octobers ago...

I had just pulled up in front of my apartment. I had the radio on and I figured that I had just enough time to run upstairs and see the last out. I shut off the radio and took two steps towards the door, and then I heard my roommate let out the most anguished cry of horror you could possibly imagine. I don't know what happened, but I knew it wasn't good...

Well, let's hope all the old demons have been swept away and recent history can repeat itself again....

TIME: 08:00 P.M. EST
VENUE: Coors Field

Probable Pitchers:

Boston: John Lester

4-0, 4.57

Colorado: Aaron Cook

8-7, 4.12


And did you happen to notice our brethren to the south? The Patriots racked up another monstrous win this week, setting up the showdown with the also undefeated Indianapolis Colts next weekend....I may open the Sunday NFL blog myself next week!

Finally....I've directed quite a few citizens of Red Sox Nation to check out our World Series blogs over the past few nights. (you know who you are.) Please take a moment to visit our message board and read our new user guidelines, including our mission statement and rules of conduct. I hope to see you all back here when the series is over!


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