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The Internets is awesome!
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 04/20/2008 12:57:52

I love the internets. Not just for the reason that you might think, that Velveeta is still so sick that she can't come up with anything to write about. Though you would be correct on that point, I also love the fact that there is so much news that'd normally be missed without the internet.

Some cases in point.

The "gansta" book con:

Last month, it was revealed that the New York Times and Manhattan publishing world were deceived by Love and Consequences, a faked memoir by a white girl who claimed to live the life you only hear about in Dr. Dre songs. The damage control was so good, the book never saw daylight, and we never knew how big of an embarrassment this cartoonishly racist gangster fantasy should have been. But last week a copy arrived at my doorstep.

Supposedly written by gangsta moll Margaret B. Jones, Love and Consequences turned out to be the work of middle-class liar Margaret Seltzer. She had invented the tale behind a laptop at Starbucks, tricking not only her publisher, but also her fans at the Times, which graced the memoir with repeated coverage.

After it was revealed her work was a forgery, the damage control was swift and successful. On March 5, with the book just out the door, the New York Times revealed the hoax, if not just how bad it was. Her agent, Faye Bender, told the paper, reassuringly, that "there was no reason to doubt her, ever." And that set the tone for the coverage. Love & Consequences, wrote the L.A. Times, must have seemed "edgy, sexy, cinematic."

Except it's not. As a true story, this book would have been less about "love" and more about crude racial stereotypes. As a hoax, it reads as easily the laziest forgery ever to receive a six-figure advance and a rave review in the Times.

The mutiny of the USAF as reported by Russia:

Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that American War Leaders have 'suicided' one of their Top US Air Force Officials Charles D. Riechers as the rift growing between the US War Leaders and their Top Military Officers over a nuclear attack on Iran appears to be nearing open warfare.

According to Western propaganda media sources, Charles D. Riechers was 'found dead of apparent suicide' after coming under the scrutiny of the United States Senate for alleged payments being made to him by the Commonwealth Research Institute, whose parent company is Concurrent Technologies, and which is headed by the secretive Neocon financier of America's top War Leaders, Daniel R. DeVos.

These reports to the Kremlin, however, state that Mr. Riechers' 'suicide' was, most likely, due to his involvement in the American Neocon plot to secret US nuclear missiles outside the control of US Air Force to be used for an attack upon Iran, and which we had previously reported on in our September 20th report titled "American Spy Satellite Downed In Peru As US Nuclear Attack On Iran Thwarted".

And of course, you must have a human/animal hybrid story:

The first thing that registers is the putrid smell of animal faeces, then from inside one building comes a primeval squawking that sounds like a child being tortured. Cage after cage of distraught-looking monkeys come into view, nearly 300 in all, gnawing at mandarins and scampering around their enclosures.

This is what remains of the Institute of Experimental Pathology and Therapy, the first primate testing centre in the world, and possibly the site of a macabre Stalinist experiment to breed a human-ape hybrid. Set amid palm trees and lush greenery on a hill just outside the centre of Sukhumi, it was once the envy of the West. Its behavioural and medical experiments set it at the forefront of groundbreaking medical discoveries, and trained monkeys for space travel.

Legend has it that the institute, which opened in 1927, was born of a secret Soviet plan to create a man-ape hybrid that would become a Soviet superman and propel the Soviet Union ahead of the West. The Soviet elite, goes the apocryphal tale that has appeared widely in Russian media, wanted to create a prototype worker that would be inhumanly strong and mentally dulled, to carry out the gruelling work of industrialising the vast expanses of newly Sovietised territory. (sic)

Please enjoy these sunday leisure stories.......... and hopefully, I'll be back to my old self soon.

11 comments (Latest Comment: 04/21/2008 03:43:14 by Raine)
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Comment by BobR on 04/20/2008 13:28:15
wow - those are some cheery stories for a Sunday morning....

Thanks! :P

Comment by velveeta jones on 04/20/2008 13:45:42
Sorry, Velveeta may be dying................ or, perhaps overacting, but for sure, she is NOT WELL! *whine*

Comment by m-hadley on 04/20/2008 13:57:02

Hang in there grrrlfriend :hug:

I actually blogged about that book "Love & Consequences" a few weeks back. She is not as bad as other faux memoir writers - case in point Nasdijj who pretended to be a poor half Navajo who grew up in migrant worker camps and adopted a Native boy with AIDS and ended up shooting him up with heroin in order to ease his pain - all made up crap. Turned out he was an all-white man who used to write gay porn (nothing against gay porn, but come on ) Anyway, we all truly appreciate you rallying for us and coming up with this post - sure do hope that you are feeling better soon :D



Comment by livingonli on 04/20/2008 14:54:02
Amd just remember how many of us rely on the internet for news because the news is not being reported by the regular media.

Comment by livingonli on 04/20/2008 17:56:00
Oh, boy. It looks like almost every New York station is carrying the Pope at Yankee Stadium. Only our CBS station is sticking with Golf. NBC was able to get the hockey game on one of the digital sub-channels NBC 4.4 and on MSG Plus (the former FSN New York) to plug the holes in that coverage.

Comment by livingonli on 04/20/2008 19:37:35
And the CBS station ended up bumping their programming for the Pope. So, I have the pope on CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, My9, CW11, Univision, Telemundo, CNN, Fox News, and Telecare/EWTN.

Comment by MMB on 04/20/2008 22:18:28
Velveeta, I really hope you feel better soon. Drink lots of fluids so you don't get dehydrated. Take care

Comment by Raine on 04/21/2008 00:20:52
Quote by livingonli:

And the CBS station ended up bumping their programming for the Pope. So, I have the pope on CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, My9, CW11, Univision, Telemundo, CNN, Fox News, and Telecare/EWTN.
it's better than pope on a rope!

It's a Pope-a-thon!™ Sunday Sunday Sunday! All pope! All the time!

Plus... Act now and you gat a Brazillion Power Crystal free!

Comment by velveeta jones on 04/21/2008 00:47:51
I just bumped the meetup blog. Please check it if'n your going to DC.

Comment by livingonli on 04/21/2008 01:15:34
I put my comments on the other thread.

Comment by Raine on 04/21/2008 03:43:14
I want Obama to be president for this little person...


How beautiful is that?