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Shades of Gray
Author: TriSec    Date: 09/08/2018 10:13:50

Not only the worst Star Trek episode ever, it encapsulates our world today.

Despite us heading into the brilliant fall season, hasn't everything around us taken on that depressing pall of 'sameness'? I was skimming the news this morning, looking for something interesting, but there really isn't anything out there these days.

Trump. Knees. Guns. Shootings. Tweets. Fake News.

I've long been a fan of the dystopian genre. One of my favorite books of all time is Huxley's "Brave New World". In fact, I re-read that approximately every 3 to 5 years. I have just done so, and while it's no more alarming than the last time I read it, I am feeling more of a certain kinship with the society represented in the novel.

In the London of 632 A.F, people there go about their lives, paying little attention to each other as individuals. There's entertainment, games, sex, and work....and not much else.

America as a once vibrant and positive society has fallen deeper and deeper into that dourness. It's very easy to look at what this president is doing and see that what little hope and positivity remains in America is being brutally crushed to death.


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