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My Heart, today
Author: Raine    Date: 02/14/2019 14:03:03

This morning, my heart is with the students, family and loved ones from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School.

As we all know, it was a year ago that 17 lives were stolen from their loved ones.

The students and families who survived the massacre have become an inspiration and a beacon of hope for a country so badly wounded, not just by guns but by a lack of morality from the White House.

When a nation wept for them and with them, the survivors roared, and they are still roaring.

The young people will win. Thank god for that.




5 comments (Latest Comment: 02/14/2019 18:58:25 by Scoopster)
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Comment by wickedpam on 02/14/2019 14:18:12

Those kids are superheroes

Comment by Raine on 02/14/2019 15:01:16
Dotus has learned of the McCabe interview--- he shitting tweets.

Comment by Scoopster on 02/14/2019 15:03:39
Mornin' all...

Comment by BobR on 02/14/2019 17:55:34
Quiet blog day. Work has been busier than normal for me lately

Comment by Scoopster on 02/14/2019 18:58:25
Quote by BobR:
Quiet blog day. Work has been busier than normal for me lately

Ah sorry, I was celebrating the passing of Lyndon LaDouche.