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Luckovich Friday
Author: wickedpam    Date: 06/24/2022 12:33:12

After yesterday's SCOTUS rulings seems pretty evident -


Don't we get another round of dreadfulness today?

Just please, please, keep safe out there everyone.

Have a good weekend.


5 comments (Latest Comment: 06/24/2022 15:20:32 by Will_in_LA)
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Comment by wickedpam on 06/24/2022 12:51:26

Comment by Scoopster on 06/24/2022 12:56:47

I don't know why I still try to talk sense to people online anymore. They post this baseless nonsense, I see it's obviously false and why, and they just refuse to even acknowledge it.

Pardon me for saying it, but freedom of speech is fucking pointless as long people are gonna be allowed to just make shit up without any proof whatsoever and spread it around without consequences.

Comment by TriSec on 06/24/2022 13:52:27
Good morning, comrades.

So it was ten June 24ths ago...at this hour, we were burying my departed Great Uncle Ray Moore. He was the last surviving member of the family with active WWII service, and the only Eagle Scout (before Javi.)

That same afternoon, I presented myself at Mount Auburn Hospital with self-diagnosed appendicitis. Which turned out to be something else entirely.

So, a decade later, I'm still here.

Comment by wickedpam on 06/24/2022 14:14:44
And down goes Roe

Comment by Will_in_LA on 06/24/2022 15:20:32
Morning, bloggers!!!

We all expected this decision after the leak. Nor should we be surprised that Clarence Thomas called for Overfell to be overturned.

It is time to organize, and time to vote. The fight to preserve our rights will be a marathon, not a sprint.