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Author: Raine    Date: 12/04/2023 14:00:23

Something happened again last night, this time in Philadelphia. It happened a day after another 'demonstration' in NYC's Times Square. First from NYC. From the NY Post.
Pro-Palestinian protesters took to the streets of New York City again Saturday, storming Times Square after they were rebuffed as they tried to enter the American Museum of Natural History for the second weekend in a row.

The protest, which started at the Upper West Side museum at 2 p.m., included the expectation that demonstrators would enter the institution two hours later for an “anti-colonial tour.”

Around 200 anti-Israel demonstrators gathered outside the museum by 4 p.m., carrying signs and chanting, “Free Palestine,” along with antisemitic slogans like, “there is only one solution, Intifada revolution.”

Within Our Lifetime, the group that organized Saturday’s protest, asked demonstrators to show up to the museum in “small groups” adorned with Palestinian flags and banners, according to an Instagram post.
Last night in Philadephia:
Philadelphia lawmakers and Jewish commentators have hit out at demonstrators who targeted a falafel restaurant in Philadelphia owned by an Israeli Jewish chef, chanting slogans accusing it of "genocide."

On Sunday, footage emerged of a group of pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathering outside Goldie on midtown Sansom Street who were chanting "Goldie, Goldie you can't hide, we charge you with genocide."

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the march was organized by the Philly Palestine Coalition, which in October called for a boycott of "Zionist"-owned businesses in the city, including Goldie outlets and others owned by Michael Solomonov.

This is dangerous and antisemitic. It's vile. If they want to do this outside an Israeli consulate or something like that, I understand. Protesting the government is okay, but targeting businesses, museums and public libraries associated with people of the Jewish faith is wrong.

My heart goes out to my Jewish friends. And don't get me started on Representative Jayapal, you can look it up and make your own conclusion. I have.





7 comments (Latest Comment: 12/04/2023 18:03:09 by Raine)
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Comment by Raine on 12/04/2023 14:19:46
For those who need more proof of why this is antisemitic... I think this is why the business was targeted.

Comment by Raine on 12/04/2023 14:37:32

Comment by Will_in_Ca on 12/04/2023 14:51:19
Good morning, bloggers!!!!

I think that one can feel for the Palestinian people and the Israeli people at this time. However, several protesters have gone too far. It is one thing to disagree with the policies of a nation's leaders. It is another thing to call for the destruction of another nation, the killing or expulsion of its inhabitants, and the same fate for those of the same heritage or faith.

As things stand, I am not questioning my values. I am questioning some so-called allies who will condone any action for their cause.

On a lighter note, I had 3 Zoom interviews on Friday. They went well. I have two in-person interviews this week, and may well have a third. I am subbing today.

Comment by BobR on 12/04/2023 16:45:58
How to Alienate your Allies 101

Comment by TriSec on 12/04/2023 17:26:28
Greetings, comrades!

The chaos of this weekend has settled a little bit. Javi has enough money to get the car out of hock this week - every dollar helped, so thank you to everyone who did.

The house situation is better. While I would have rather not, I've cashed out some things for an influx of cash that will make everything better. Just waiting for it to arrive.

And I'm set up for decent work over the next few weeks. Many deep breaths were taken, and relief is now in sight.

So, choose your saying - "I'm sure The Force will provide a solution." Or "Allah will give the soul no more than it can bear."

Comment by TriSec on 12/04/2023 17:30:56
But wait, there's more!

A few days back now, I somewhat gleefully reported that OTT has chewed up and spit out another Head Conductor. That's four in five years here.

Of course, it's all about the money. But since the position is becoming open again, Yes, I am foolishly tempted again. A couple of conductors have suggested that I should go back, since we haven't had a "real" Head Conductor since I left. (their opinion, perhaps mine too.)

But I have my asking price now. Anyone moving up to management at the trolleys loses money. I do make more driving tours. My asking price would be Current YTD + Charters and Grats + Tips = what I would accept.

Conversely, just $5/hour more, but I stay hourly, and don't lose all the overtime. Which would be a big chunk of cash, too.

I haven't decided if I'll try again - but some of my most trusted lieutenants from my previous time want me back. There is solace in that.

Comment by Raine on 12/04/2023 18:03:09
all great news Tri!!