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Trying Times
Author: BobR    Date: 04/17/2024 12:54:06

The tRumpy show has gotten underway in a NYC courtroom, and - as expected - he's making a circus of it. Naturally, he's the clown in the one-ring big tent, and the master of ceremonies judge is trying to maintain proper decorum. It's a challenge, at best.

On Monday, as things began, tRumpy was falling asleep at the defendant's table. Sure - I get it. It's early, you've been up all note frothing at the cell phone on your money-losing social network. Still, it's particularly galling when he has constantly referred to President Biden with names like "Sleepy Joe", accused him of having low-T, etc., etc., etc. (ad nauseum - lot's of nauseum).

As expected, he's lying about what's going on in the courtroom. He asked the judge if he could have a "day off" to attend his son's (Barron's) high school graduation. The judge replied that if the trial is moving apace, it shouldn't be a problem. Naturally, tRumpy essentially claimed the opposite:
On the first day of his hush money criminal trial, former President Donald Trump asked Judge Juan Manuel Merchan—who Trump and his allies have been relentlessly attacking online—if the trial could not be in session on the day of his son Barron’s high school school graduation.

Judge Merchan seemed open to it, saying if things kept pace it wouldn’t be a problem, but also that he could not rule on the request yet.

But Trump told reporters outside the courtroom that Merchan "will not let [him] go" to see his son graduate. His supporters have taken that as fact, further fanning criticism of the judge online.

As reported by the Associated Press, Trump may not be able to attend his son’s graduation if he is needed in court that day. Specifically, Merchan said yesterday he wouldn’t rule on Trump’s request to not be in trial on May 17, but "if the trial proceeds as planned he’s willing to adjourn for one or both days."

It's an obvious attempt to get his cult followers to intimidate the judge. The graduation on May 17 is a Friday, and I've heard [unconfirmed] that the court is normally off on Friday anyway. Regardless, if it was you or me who was in court on similar charges, do you think we'd be able to request "a day off" from our court case? Republicans like to claim a "two-tiered" justice system, and in tRumpy's case, it certainly is. He gets away with WAY more than you or I would.

It remains to be seen whether he'd spend any time in jail if convicted, but it seems unlikely (there's that two-tier thing again). It may, however, tank his re-election bid, as now 57% of Americans think his "alleged" crimes are serious:
As the first criminal trial of a former U.S. president kicks off this week in Manhattan, more Americans than ever before (57%) say the underlying crimes that defendant Donald Trump has been charged with — “falsifying business records to conceal hush money payments to a porn star” — are “serious,” according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll.

That number is up six percentage points from the last time Yahoo News and YouGov asked about the hush money case, in December 2023. The previous high was 54% in September 2023.

That's gonna sting at the voting booth. Keep yapping, tRumpy. It may endear your cult, but the rest of America is seeing you for what you are: a con-man that got caught.

2 comments (Latest Comment: 04/17/2024 15:24:19 by Raine)
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Comment by Raine on 04/17/2024 13:34:12
I love how he decides to use his son when it's needed FOR HIM.

Comment by Raine on 04/17/2024 15:24:19