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Time's up. No more Bullshit.
Author: Raine    Date: 06/10/2010 12:51:19

While the Gulf is crumbling, people in Washington and Mississippi have been trying to hold hearings to get to the bottom of what caused the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig to explode and crash to the floor of the sea. Yesterday, we found out that Admiral Thad Allen has issued a 72 hour deadline for BP to present updated plans for the battling the oil spill:
The US tightened pressure Wednesday on BP, setting a 72-hour deadline for the battered British energy titan to present updated plans for battling the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, charged with leading the government's response to the nation's worst environmental disaster, demanded BP produce records of compensation claims filed by individuals and businesses.

The orders in official letters betrayed a sense of growing mistrust between BP and President Barack Obama's administration more than seven weeks after a blowout on the Deepwater Horizon offshore rig sparked the disaster.
What the consequences are for not meeting that deadline are not known, and that's a problem, considering that BP, Halliburton, and Transocean have decided to skip Mississippi hearings scheduled for the disaster. From Think progress:
I regret that we are unable to accommodate your invitation to participate Wednesday or Thursday in the hearing of the Mississippi House of Representatives Select Committee on the Gulf Coast Disaster.

We at BP take very seriously the desire of the Select Committee to gather information on the circumstances on the Mississippi coast relative to the oil spill. We are committed to meeting regularly with stakeholders along the Gulf Coast and to providing briefings for government officials on a regular basis, and we will continue to remain engaged in this way. When we meet with the Committee, it will be important for us to have appropriate BP representatives who are implementing the strategic response plan for Mississippi and working in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area. Unfortunately, the appropriate individuals are not available this week. We would be pleased to work with the Select Committee to identify a day in the near future for another meeting of the Committee — either in Jackson or on the Coast where the Committee also can visit incident response operations.

A BP spokesperson told the AP that the “many of the company’s executives” would be in Washington, DC. According to the Biloxi Sun Herald, both Transocean and Halliburton were also no shows.
It's well documented that when these CEO's gave Senate testimony on Capitol hill, a month ago -- it was nothing more than a dismal game of pointing fingers. Now it appears they are simply stonewalling not only the recovery efforts, but also efforts by both Federal and State governments to get to the bottom of what happened.

In all seriousness here, it's not like any of these CEO's are actually getting their hands dirty trying to clean up the mess, and I mean that literally and metaphorically. It's time for someone to be held accountable, and if they refuse to do so willingly, then it is time for either a state Attorney General or Eric Holder to issue subpoenas and have them testify under oath.

At this point, NONE of these CEO's should be making requests for any government official to meet with them when they feel they they are ready, nor should they be suggesting places to meet. It's arrogant and insulting to the people who need answers, and need to know when they can start putting their lives back together. They don't get to set the timetable here.

They all may be very pleased at the efforts, but I am not. No one is, except maybe the CEO of Freedomworks and Liz Cheney. It's been 52 days -- I want to see the RIGHT people lose their jobs at this point, people like Tony Haywood, and not the people who rely on the Gulf of Mexico for their livelihood. If the CEO's of these corporations can't do that, they should go to jail for contempt. And why not? Diane Wilson went to jail for an oil spill:
Diane Wilson, a Texas shrimper and activist, has been arrested for pouring oil on herself during a senate energy hearing.

"I am seeing the destruction of my community and I am outraged," Wilson said in a statement released by Codepink following her arrest. "I am also seeing elected representatives like Senator Lisa Murkowski blocking BP from being legally responsible to pay for this catastrophe.... This is outrageous. How dare she side with big oil over the American people who have been so devastated by this man-made disaster?"

Wilson, who claims to be a fourth-generation shrimper, has been protesting and writing about pollution in the Gulf for years.

"We want people to call Senator Murkowski's office and tell her to stop supporting big oil and support a healthy environment and American livelihoods instead," said Codepink co-founder Medea Benjamin, who was with Wilson at the hearing. "BP CEO Tony Hayward should be in jail, not a distraught shrimper!"
Enough bullshit - I want answers, not just for this disaster, but for all of the Corporate Malfeasance. Many of our laws ARE broken but I know we have a few laying around that we can utilize to get some sort of justice. Finding out everything is critical to knowing how and what needs to be done to strengthen our laws in a way that this never happens again.

It's brought the Gulf to it's knees, and possibly our entire way of life. Animals are dying miserable torturous deaths. The land is being poisoned. People have fallen ill. If that doesn't deserve to be answered on OUR timetable, then they deserve to go jail.


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