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A muse on the elite
Author: TriSec    Date: 03/31/2012 13:20:00

Good Morning!

I want a house. I want a plane. I want to travel. I want to not worry about paying my bills.

Seems to me that's what American society is rapidly becoming...I want, I want, I want. But to turn a phrase, "Who's paying for this, Morris?"

Middle Class America was once the so-called "American Dream". Study hard, work hard, and you can live a decent life and maybe make it a little bit better for your kids.

I made the observation back during the Bush years that we are quite possibly the first generation in American history that has it worse than the one before us, and there is a strong possibility that the next generation will not be living as well as we do now.

But I can't figure out what the other side wants. Their whole rhetoric since January 21, 2009 has been "take America back". Again I ask, back to what, exactly? The old saw that you need to spend money to make money has never been more true; all we need to do is look back through our history and see things like the WPA, CCC, and other programs that helped restore the economy and rebuild the country.

Ah, but now we've got the idle rich. Again from our history, there's something called the robber-baron. A very small, elite group of Americans built some of the iconic businesses of the 20th century and lived ostentation lives. You still now them, names like Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Flagler...and places like The Breakers or Whitehall.

Mitt Romney is a kindred spirit to these men. At least a century ago, none of them had the pure arrogance to think that they could run the country; it was enough for them to print money and live lives the rest of us could only dream about.

I do find it somewhat amusing to think that each and every cycle, the election is pitched as "the most important election in all of American history!!!" by whoever is out of power. In all honesty, there might be three or four presidential cycles that you could add that label to. 1860, 1932...not many else.

Whether or not we send Obama back to the White House this time around, I at least have the impression that this could be at least as important as the election after1932. We were in such dire shape, then as now, that it's taken considerable effort just to get the train back on the track the past 4 years.

The question now becomes, what do we want for the next four? We can start moving the train again, or knock it back into the ditch. There really is no other choice.

Not many of us happen to live near the rarified air the elites breathe, but the next time you might see an expensive car, or drive past a fenced-in mansion, remember that these are the people Mr. Romney is going to take care of.

Who's looking out for us?

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