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It's not a Party Without the T
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 02/17/2013 15:52:33

Ah, Texas; the "Lone Star" state. The state that gave us the roughest, toughest, meanest, nastiest President ever! And even her son, George W Bush became President later on. Land of the super nuts like Ron and Rand Paul (Rand grew up there),Louis Gohmert, Randy "Screaming 'Baby Killer'" Neugebauer, and the guy who apologized to BP Oil after the spill, Joe Barton. Also, Rick "Whoops" Perry (we sure loved you wearing that Brokeback Mountain jacket, dude) and who can forget Texas Rep. Lamar Smith, who once told a group of college students that “the greatest threat to America is not necessarily a recession or even another terrorist attack…The greatest threat to America is a liberal media bias".

And now we have Jr. Sen. Ted Cruz.

Texas - land of the dinosaurs.

Are they still talking about seceding? What happened to that wonderful and unique idea. It's not too late Texas. Keep up the fight!! Then you continue with your super duper laws against gays, women, children, mentally disabled and all spectrums of brown people. Remember that really great anti gay marriage law idea? You can then finally pass it, along with this really keen one you tried in 2010 to criminalize sodomy. Yes, the state that wants the federal government out of its bizzness wants to make sure your doing your sex the proper way, and will institute a law to make sure, by dang it.

Texas, land of higher edumacation!

Ted Cruz was sent to the Senate by Texans to stir thing up like any loyal Teapublican should. He's only been in the Senate for 7 weeks and he's already got laryngitis from talking so much, something that is usually frowned upon with jr Senators. But, he is on a mission from God, just like all teabaggers, to make Obama and any other Democrat that even seems a bit progressive, life a living hell. His goal this week, kill the Chuck Hagel nomination. And he's doing a pretty good job, though he is quietly being compared to Joe McCarthy (I rather think he's flattered by that). The McCarthy comparison is not far off base, he hinted, with no proof whatsoever, that Hagel may have received compensation from foreign enemies including North Korea!

Well, Mr. Cruz does have a point doesn't he? I mean, Chuck Hagel has been paid from speaking engagements and how do we know if the money came from one of our many enemies like North Korea or France - unless he proves that he has not taken money from them!

I like this idea Senator Cruz. People should be honest, especially those in public service to our country. That is why I am asking you to please address these issues as they come up:
You came from Canada born to Cuban immigrants and you acknowledge that your father fought for Castro to overthrow Batista in the Cuban Revolution. So, can you please prove to us that you are not a spy for Castro? Do you receive money, drugs, or small child sex slaves from the Cuban government? Just curious.

Also, have you rescinded your allegiance to your birth country, Canada? Do you regularly cross the border, illegally, to Canada? And if so, what is your business there? I'm just asking because Canada has a bad meth problem and there have been reports of headless bodies strewn across the tundra of Minnesota.

Thanks for addressing these issues, once we have proof you should continue your fight for the good of Texas. Oh, and America as well.

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