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Author: TriSec    Date: 03/23/2013 11:56:41

Good Morning.

Well, it looks like Raine probably scooped me yesterday with a "Puppies, Bunnies, and Flowers" blog. I've got two on standby, but one is a litany of cancer treatments for the "Monday Night Cancer Club" over on Kos, and I've got yet another blog about the BSA's National Policy and the ramifications, but I think I've beat that into the ground enough of late.

So....it's spring. There's Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, and who knows what else going on? Spring Training is getting ready to wrap up, and while you all know what team I tend to watch, there's plenty of good things happening with some of my other teams as well...it might just be one of those wondrous seasons, but the Sox will always suck no matter what.

The local hockey scene just got interesting, as BU beat the Eagles in tournament play. You'll no doubt recall my postings about the Beanpot...and I've been a longtime Eagles fan. But it's good for BU, as their legendary coach Jack Parker is retiring after a 40-year career, and he gets to play another day. I suspect the Eagles are still one of the favorites for the "Frozen Four", though.

Basketball? What can I say other than I'm glad I didn't fill out a bracket this year. New Mexico, Georgetown, Notre Dame, UCLA and the Wolfpack all out in the first round? Despite following the Eagles since the 80s, (remember when the Big East used to matter?) most of my teams come from the ACC. I briefly flirted with a lady from North Carolina back in my college days...and she got mad at me because I liked all the teams...apparently you can only pick one in that part of the country, but I digress.

I've been pondering elsewhere that it's the 30th anniversary of this:

I'd have to categorize this as a "non-rabid" year, but nevertheless I will be watching my 30th consecutive NCAA title game soon enough.

So what's going on in your neck of the sporting world?

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