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Compare and Contrast
Author: TriSec    Date: 04/20/2013 13:08:25

Good Morning. As our city gets back to normal today, I had a passing thought. This won't take long.

The last time we were attacked on our own soil, the response was quite different.

We started two wars.
Thousands of US Soldiers were killed
Untold trillions of dollars were wasted
We became a virtual pariah state around the world.
And the guy responsible? It took more than a decade to hunt him down.

This time?
The city of Boston and it's environs were 'locked down' for 16 hours.
Nobody was killed during the hunt. (Although two police officers were shot, one killed, during the early going of the investigation.)
The rest of the United States stood by our side and cheered.
And we got the guys in less than a week; one alive!

OF course there's more to it than simplistic observations....but cooperation and competent leadership sure makes a world of difference, doesn't it?


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