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What happened to our ic
Author: TriSec    Date: 06/01/2013 12:28:32

Good Morning.

I'm not sure I can get an entire blog out of this, but I will try.

I've been increasingly miffed by the losing of part of a party name in recent years. Our Republican friends, for whatever reason, have now decided that 'Democrat" is an insult and have been using the term quite perjoratively over their airwaves.

But I don't know why it rubs me the wrong way so. Perhaps it's just the timber, or flow of the pattern of speech all of a sudden. Democrat party. Democrat senator. Democrat policy. This just doesn't sound right.

In fact, it makes them sound even more childish and unaware of the basics of language and communication to these ears.

A little visit to the Wiktionary confirms what we already knew. The use of the suffix "ic" in general use is pretty obvious.

Used to form adjectives from nouns with the meaning "of or pertaining to";

The best I can figure on this is that our Republican friends no longer believe that we are "of or pertaining to" democracy, where of course they are the very epitome of such a thing, and have to find new ways to insult us with the limited means available to them.

But wouldn't you know it, a look at "their" suffix yields pretty much the same definition.

-an also -ean, -ian
1 [in adjectives and nouns] someone or something of, from, or connected with a particular thing, place, or person:

I'm actually a bit surprised, since clever use of language, and nuance and style were never the Republican's strong suit.

Ah, well. It is a fine summer weekend; perhaps you could ponder this while enjoying your lamb ale and having a nice salad with balsam dressing this afternoon.

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