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Republicans Hate You
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 07/21/2013 13:23:17

Let's face it. Republicans just do not like people. Here's some proof.

They want to force you (if you have a uterus) to procreate and to carry that child into the world, even if you have no means to care for the child. Then, after you have the child, they will complain ad nauseam that they don't want to pay for said child that you didn't really want. Because, while they do love your fetus they damn well don't want to pay one blessed cent more in taxes. So you can forget that child having a decent education and some food stamps.

We've all seen what's happening in Texas and North Carolina with Republicans in control of the government. Florida is only slightly behind because they are busy kicking old people and black people in the ass and just don't have the time to hurt children as well; but they're working on it.

This was bound to happen; once gay people got some power with SCOTUS overturning Prop 8, Republicans realized that gay people are getting too much power. "Lets go back to women and blacks and children" they said. "They're so much easier to kick around". Indeed.

Let's take just one - out of so many - injustices that your Republican friends are doing. THEY HATE EDUCATION. Seems like a simple plan: destroy the education system so that people remain dumb. Good for everyone who owns a dollar store or a mainstream news corporation!

On Friday the House passed a Republican bill, H.R. 5 Student Success Act. << Note how nice it sounds? Why is it that they always make them sound so reasonable? Remember "The Clean Air Act"? Democrats do it as well, but not as often. Though they should. I'll bet they could pass Universal Health Care if only they called it "The Obama Impeachment Act" or "The Ronald Reagan Pro-Life Amendment Act of 2014" or "Hillary Clinton is a Bitch Resolution Act".

So, why would anyone, even the NEA oppose something as uplifting sounding as The Student Success Act? Here's a clue: it was sponsored by Republicans.

Basically this bill would further decline our already fragile education system. It puts the K-12 public schools in more state and less federal control, making sequester the law of the land. It does more harm than good; while many states are already suffering with money woes and teachers are being laid off; the remaining teachers having to take on larger class sizes. Just a few examples of what it would do: continue the disparity between regular public schools and Charter schools, deny students with autism or other disabilities equal access to education, it even does some outright "I hate you" stuff like removing money specifically for background checks on teachers and denying concussion protections for school athletes!

Next time "little Johnny" gets molested by Mr. Franklin the pedophile geometry teacher who had a long criminal record, don't complain to me.

The bill passed the House and is on the way to the Senate. So, here's yet another letter for you to write.

Until then, try to have a good day. And .... don't read the New York Times, this article will only make you grind your teeth and shake your head even more.

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