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Operation General Election
Author: Raine    Date: 05/08/2008 12:24:42

It is time to change how we are seeing things. We need to start acting like the primary is over. We have a presumptive nominee and it is time we as a party start operating as tho we are in General Election mode. We do want to win in November, right? Of course we do!

I know that we still have 2 candidates that are actively seeking the Democratic party nomination. As the grassroots of this party, the donators, the true constituency, it is now our job to start -- REALLY START -- working to defeat John McCain. Until the superdelegates get off their asses and commit, someone has to carry the water for this party.

It's about a lot more than who wins the POTUS. A lot of seats in the House and the Senate are up for grabs that we must win to have a fillibuster proof majority. As long as this race is dragged out the way certain people seem to want it to, precious money is being spent - and precious attention is not being paid to things going on in your states and districts. No attention means those candidates probably need support and money. In the coming weeks, we will probably be adding capabilities for people who are members here to link to their candidates in local races. Operation GE is open to suggestions!

It is time to move into general Election mode along with all the others who know what we need to to defeat John McCain and the Republican party this fall. Call your local Democratic party office and voluteer. Find out who is running to represent your area. Put a sign in your yard saying that you will vote Dem.

I know people are tired. I know some will need more time than others to join OGE, but for those of us that can lead the charge it is time. I think the First job will be to come up with a better acronym than OGE!

We have given the talking points here abut McCain. Every day this goes on, John is out campaigning quietly and going VERY under the radar. In the coming months we will post about him -- again and again I am sure.

But for today, I say we begin Operation General Election.
We get to decide. WE make the Choice. We have to power to get the real message out -- door to door, hand to hand, call to call, volunteering, shouting, talking, communicating...

WE can and must get a working majority back in the ALL the branches of Government.

... And three outta three, ain't bad.

:peace: and

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