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Look over here!
Author: Raine    Date: 05/15/2014 13:08:57

I'm just going to leave you with this Benghazi Distraction for today:
Because the cost of an insurance plan varies significantly from person to person, these median prices do not reflect realities for every individual. But overall, the cost of insurance on the exchanges is competitive: about 4% less than employer plans, before taking subsidies into account.

In other words: the marketplace is working.
The average employer plan pays for 85 percent of people’s medical expenses, on average, and costs $6,119 per year.
The average platinum plan (the highest category of health plan in the marketplace) covers 90 percent of people’s medical expenses, on average, and only costs $6,058 per year.
Eventually stories like this will become more and more normal. From last September:
Trader Joe's, a privately held chain based in California, argued in a followup memo to workers that it simply couldn't match the deals to be found under Obamacare, especially when the subsidies for low-wage earners are factored in. The company, however, acknowledged there would be winners and losers on the exchanges, as some workers face higher premiums, depending on their household income.

According to a Sept. 13 memo from Laurie Mead, vice president of human resources, some of those losers may get an additional parachute. The company told workers it would consider increasing the subsidy beyond $500 to employees facing unique circumstances as they seek out coverage on the exchanges.

It's working, no matter what those that hate the ACA say, it is working.

Okay, let's get back to Benghazi and some old racist white dude who won't stop talking.



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