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Whirlwind weekend
Author: Raine    Date: 07/28/2014 13:10:52

Up late after a whirlwind weekend.

I was out of the loop for 48 hours, to be honest. My sister decided at the tender age of not quite 40 to marry her longtime partner of 10 years.

It was a beautiful ceremony.

I came home to a garden full of fresh vegetables and a relaxing evening with my partner.

It's been a crazy summer filled with a lot of global uncertainty. It's been an irritating summer here on the domestic social and political front. I don't have to tell you that, it would be talking in an echo chamber.

Congress has achieved absolutely nothing to better the lives of the American citizenry. Well almost nothing; The GOP has managed to convince much of the American people that "both sides are the same".

It's been a long summer. I am going to see what I can do beginning in August to help GOTV.

In the meantime, the Republican mayor of Bellhaven, NC has been walking to DC to save the lives of his constituents and many others who are dying due to the lack of inaction by Republican governors to not expand Medicaid. He was in Woodbridge, Virginia this weekend.
"We've had our health care stolen,” O'Neal said during a speech in Woodbridge, Va. on Saturday, adding that Vidant makes millions each year even though it's a non-profit. "It’s immoral for a company to take health care away from people and keep your non-profit designation."

O'Neal argues that North Carolina's failure to expand Medicaid hurts hospitals in poor areas because they are missing out on federal reimbursements for providing care for those without insurance.

"We need to stop playing politics with this,” he said. “I’m afraid that my Republican colleagues in North Carolina are going to get killed this fall because of Medicaid expansion. There’s 500,000 people in North Carolina that could have insurance coverage the next 2 years and not cost the state a dime, and the state’s not accepting that. Now, if you’re representing the citizens, how can you not do that?”
Elections have consequences, sometimes deadly ones.

While we should be paying attention to everything that is happening around the world, we need to stand together as a nation - not just state by state - to elect people who truly care about making this country a better place for everyone, instead of making it a profit center for the wealthy.

The same goes for those states that choose to profit off of the least among us in this nation, those that have been incarcerated. Florida is one example. (not alone, btw)

There is nothing wrong with making money and getting rich but to do so on the backs of the poor and incarcerated is abhorrent.

If we don't start electing better people, people with a better moral center in this nation, it will only get worse. And believe me, I have seen it, it can happen anywhere, even in your state if it hasn't happened already.


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